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Gromit Hunting

In a twist on the ever-popular cow parade (which I’ve accidentally caught in Bratislava, Manchester, Auckland and London), this summer has seen Aardman Animations’ Gromit Unleashed around the city. There are 80 in total, each painted by a different and frequently prominent artist: Harry Hill, Joanna Lumley, Quentin Blake, that bloke who wrote the Gruffalo…

It’s fun for everyone – adults, kids, tourists and locals – and proceeds will go to the children’s hospital.

Here’s my huntin’ so far. Bunty by St Mary Redcliffe is my favourite but it’s a close call. Good game!

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Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

It’s got to spring (finally) so people have once again started doing that lovely, community-spirited act of leaving any bits and pieces they don’t want outside their homes for people to pick up. At least, I hope that’s what happened here or I just lifted someone’s chair.

Drenched from a downpour and with sagging foam, the throne has seen better days and smells a bit of damp dog, but I think it’s ace.

This forms part of my new favourite hobby – junk shop trawling. Post on that upcoming.

Now to learn how to revive old furniture…

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The house has inherited an amount of what I term ‘Dead Lady furniture’, which is ace, retro and oaky, but does make the place look grown-up. In an effort to combat it, balance old with new and inject a cheap splash of colour, I thought I’d wallpaper. My medium? Comics.

The first flush of enthusiasm you get in a new house was my main catalyst, but as the old paper had been ripped down in a fit of drunken tomfoolery, bare plaster walls acted as a sturdy incentive too.

That which stood before

Old wallpaper. Monstrous. 

The canvas.

The canvas.

A bargainous £8 will buy you many, many comics up at Forbidden Planet (have a look for the £1 bundles, sensibly limited to four per customer), a shop from which I must swiftly extract myself or risk spending hours and hours browsing the manga and graphic novels.


…Unpick all the staples, pick out your favourite pages and colours…


…cover your table with a bin bag (wallpaper tables are for pussies), get happy with a brush and start sticking the pages up to please your eye. Anything with a ‘kapow’, ‘kwoom’ or ‘nnnn!’ gets priority in my world.

There are all sort of hints and tips on the art of wallpapering but they don’t apply to comics. I found it most effective to smooth the pieces down with the ball of my hand – trying to get bubbles out with a sponge quickly starts to rub the ink off.


The end result. It’s bold, but I think I like it.


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New toys.

New toys.

New toys.

Bye bye weekends.