Herb garden

The garden is beginning to droop and it seems a shame to waste the herbs that have been so tastily adding to meals over the summer. Continuing the sustained fit of domestication and the surge towards middle age, I looked to preserve the end of the crop after a friend told me that she’d made the dried rose petal confetti at a wedding last weekend. I approved of this yet more when I learnt it was in protest at confetti costing an arm and a leg.

Ah lo, all it takes is some kitchen roll and a microwave. Why don’t they tell you it’s so easy?? It also preserves the colour and aroma of the herbs. What’s not to love?

1. Harvest your crop of leaves. Rinse them and dry them if you please.
2. Lay out on kitchen paper and put on microwaveable plate.


3. Cover with another piece of kitchen paper.
4. Zap for 30 second intervals until dry and crispy to touch.

5. Put in jars and look smug.



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