Dragged into the 21st century

Until recently this was the SMS I received every time anyone sent me a picture message.

ImageI’ve had this old Dame of a phone for three years and have had no complaints. It is indestructible, it looks like a terrorist handset (on account of the Arabic letters), the battery lasts for nearly a week and no one wants to nick it. The crappy Nokia was like a badge of creative honour. All my freelance journalist, illustrator, artist and translator friends had them, chirping out the same Nokia ringtone with each text.

But things have started to change. One by one they began to see how imperative Angry Birds is to a fulfilled and functional life.

I resisted as far as possible, but when the Dame started to turn herself off at random and my neck started to hurt from multi-tasking the old fashioned way it was time.

So this arrived last week…Image

Maps wherever I go? Google on demand? A mobile camera? Apps? (Let’s look past the pitiful battery life and stealability.)

I have seen the future. Where do I get me a hover board?

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5 thoughts on “Dragged into the 21st century

  1. Frivolous Monsters says:

    I have a similar tale of being dragged into the twentieth, then the twenty-first century. Mine is from a similar indestructible phone (well it fell apart piece by piece) to a not-as-good-as-yours phone.


    • lauralovesit says:

      I’m still attached to the old one. She’s tucked safely in a drawer waiting for the moment when the shiny, new Ghostwheel inevitably fails and has to go back to the mothership.

      • Frivolous Monsters says:

        I have kept my old one, but in the end the battery was only lasting for a very short time and it got to the stage where I couldn’t risk using it to phone people. But boy could it tell the time!

  2. lauralovesit says:

    I can’t tell you the number of times that torch has saved my bacon.

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