Facing 30

Everyone keeps banging on about this 3o milestone. Even my bank manager on the phone the other day was teasing me in a phone-call about my onset old age. I don’t know why. Wild [time travelling] horses couldn’t drag me back to my teens; twenties – meh. Bring it on, decade #4.

But still, these milestones do focus the mind for many. A friend, a few years advanced of me down the track of life, once told me the list he had sketched out of ‘things to achieve by the time I’m 30’. Have kids, own a property and have an established career were I think on there.

They’re not on mine. It’s much more banal. Wanna see? Here goes:

  • Cook a roast dinner. I’ve participated in the preparation, I’ve taken charge of roasties, but I’ve never cooked a full roast dinner in my life.
  • Run a marathon. Everyone needs goals. My next one is to do 10km in less than 45 minutes and run a marathon. Let’s not talk about the looming ultra.
  • Er… I think that’s it. Does that make me woefully unambitious or content?

Obviously this is distinct from the bucket list. That is a whole other kettle of fish (and has a lifelong deadline). Not that socially-engineered deadlines are any good for you, as Fraisse’s Psychology of Time conveniently tells.

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8 thoughts on “Facing 30

  1. planetlew says:

    I know how you feel. I had a few things on my before-I’m-30 list, and they didn’t involve kids! I wanted to hike to Everest Base Camp and was lucky to be able to tick that off two months before I turned 30. Since then, it made me think of other to-do’s-before-I-die, and low and behold, I’ve now got a bucket list ;-)

    Good luck with the roast and the marathon!

    • lauralovesit says:

      Bravo for making it! The bucket list is as long as my arm and a whole other post. There’s no way I could fit it all in this year so perhaps that’s why I’ve lowered my sights so much.

      I’m bullish about the prospects for this.

      What’s on your bucket list?

      • planetlew says:

        I’ve got 92 items so far with 6 done and 8 in progress leaving lots of adventure to come! Most have to do with adventure travel (bit of an adrenalin junkie). Other items have to do with animals (seeing gorillas/polar bears/ any animal in an exotic location).

        I’m open to suggestions for the last 8 (making it a list of 100). Any tips items on your list?

  2. lauralovesit says:

    Have you got ‘see real-life lava’ and ‘speak a second language fluently’ on there? Most of mine are to do with travelling too. It’s our generation!

    • planetlew says:

      Pretty close… I want to go to the Paricutin Volcano in Mexico, but would be awesome to see lava flowing (it’s now extinct). And I’m in the process of learning Norwegian as I moved from Australia to Norway last year.

      • lauralovesit says:

        S’gotta be the real stuff! Have you seen the Northern Lights then? They’re firmly on mine too. Missed them by a whisker in Iceland in December.

      • planetlew says:

        I haven’t seen them yet and I’ve been here all Winter! But I’m mostly in Oslo and it’s pretty rare to see them this far south. If I can get the cash together, I want to head to Svalbard in a couple of months, as I think you might still be able to see them there. But the conditions have to be spot on… it’s ok for residents, but tourists seeking them out aren’t always so lucky ;-)

  3. lauralovesit says:

    I’ve heard they’re best around the equinox so you’d best look for a ticket North. Buenas suerte!

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