I think I might move here next…

Nowhere island

Yes. Nowhereisland.

An artist in Devon, Alex Hartley, discovered an island that had been revealed by a retreating glacier in the High Arctic. This fella chopped a bit off, sailed it into international waters and declared it a new nation. Now he’s towing it around the South-West, accompanied by a onshore van – ‘Embassy’ – which will “take on the conventional role of representing the visiting nation (Nowhereisland) to its host nation (the UK), a place at which citizenship can be conferred, [and] ceremonial duties undertaken.”

Nowhereisland’s Embassy

This is what the makers say about it:

Nowhereisland began in a place far from the noise of the urban centres of the Western world. Far (it would seem) from the passport controls and security checks of our journeys across national boundaries. Far from the riots and protests of our streets. Far from the ringing of our phones, the buzzing of our cash points, the tapping of our keyboards. The island also carries with it the aspirations of its growing nation of citizens from across the world and in doing so, becomes not simply an imagined place – a nowhere or ‘utopia’ – but a tool for imagining our world ‘as if things were different’ and an urgent call to action.

This bizarre project forms part of the the UK’s cultural Olympiad, which ran alongside London 2012.

I still don’t really get it, but I’ve signed up for citizenship anyway.


2 thoughts on “Nowhereisland

  1. Mark Collacott says:

    I saw the van during the Olympics when I was working in Weymouth!!

  2. Rachel says:

    How do I get there? will it come to me? I really need to get to that Island.

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