Bendy and balanced

One sultry summer’s evening last week I went to see Cantina. I highly recommend getting yourself tickets before the run finishes on 30th September. It’s hosted in a Big Top (actually the mirrored Speigeltent) on London’s South Bank in the middle of Wonderground, this year’s temporary summer space made of wood and styled as a glamorous, eccentric 1920s cirque. You can find it by locating the enormous, phallic swing currently probing the London skyline.

It’s difficult to articulate exactly what it is: part-cabaret, part-circus, part-contortion, it is a medley of deeply impressive tricks brought to you by a travelling troupe of Australians. And sexy too, with more than a sprinkling of underwear, stilettos and nudity. They balance on empty champagne bottles, perform creepy hangman tricks spinning from the ceiling, risk damaging themselves with acrobatics on roller-skates and general caper pliably around.

I was spell-bound – not just by the crown jewels. You have to show admiration for a girl who can walk a tightrope in 3 inch heels.

Quite a party trick. Applause.

Painfully impressive (and easy on the eye)

So impressed was I with their strength and skill, in fact, that I googled some courses and momentarily thought about signing up for cord lisse classes. It’ll be some time yet before I’m ready to run away with the circus but it has to be better than pole dancing.

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