Tea with the Queen

London is looking snappy having been extensively spruced up ahead of the Games. There are flags everywhere, the silverware has been polished and authorities are forcing the wheels of Olympic solidarity into motion, encouraging people to be peppy and involved at every turn. After so many turned out in the pissing rain to watch the Queens Jubilee flotilla, community spirit looks outwardly to be at a high. A long way from the riots just last year at any rate.

A friend was visiting from South Korea so I took the opportunity to go and do some touristy stuff. Of my latest escapades…


A stroll down Whitehall. Horseguards never gets tired.

Buck Pal, complete with bunting. Excellent to nosey at the State Rooms, a bonus exhibition on the Queen’s diamonds and option to upgrade your ticket to a free pass for a year at the end. Boom.

Piccadilly Circus and the statue of Eros. Buzzy.

Trafalgar Square. They’ve got a new temporary sculpture up on the fourth plinth and it’s always nice to see the giddy school kids climbing on the lions at the bottom of Nelson’s column (so to speak).

The National Portrait Gallery. The BP portrait award exhibition is free and bloody good.

The Tate boat between the two galleries with a cracking view of the Houses of Parliament

Picasso at the Tate Britain. Excellent exhibition.

Street pianos

Pints at the pub

The English Gardens at Regents Park

Regents Park in general. Have a mosey over to the fairy-lit open air theatre. It’s BYO…

Afternoon tea


I try. I always try to like the stuff at the Tate Modern. Hirst and Munch are the special exhibitions at the moment and they’re mostly rubbish. My favourite bit is and will always be the Turbine Hall.

I’d like to think of more stuff to avoid, but I can’t. London stepped up – well done.

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