Moscow’s magical Metro

Moscow’s Metro is famous for its grand architecture and, having collared a French Canadian tourist in Red Square to highlight the best ones for me, I wanted to head below-ground to see them for myself. I was not disappointed.

Many of them depict triumphant scenes of victory and hard work; all of them celebrate the best of Russia in marble, iron and glass, the various styles reflecting the time of construction. Many stations have been added since it first opened in 1935. Stalin allegedly used them in his time to reinforce his socialist ethos as ‘palaces for the people’. Great article on them here, if you’re interested.

Metro map – where to go

Komsomolskaya Station, one of the most famous

This is why


Taganskaya station

Casual decoration

Novoslobodskaya Station

Mayakovskaya station

Smolenskaya Station

Teatralnaya Station

Ploschad Revolyucii Station (hope I remembered them right!)

Emerging to street level. Still bad ass.

The outsides are pretty cool too

By the library. Love the logos.



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