Road trip

It wouldn’t be proper to return home and not take the opportunity for a road trip. This time, seeing as I was heading to the Midlands for the wedding shindig, I decided to head North to the Peak District.

Meet Rude Dog, my trusty wheels.

The Peak District is lovely. Jane Austen was a fan and often the stately homes here are used in TV and film. Chatsworth House was in the crap Keira Knightley film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, The Duchess and The Wolfman, amongst others. It’s also home to my mate Tim so me and my faithful steed headed through the pleasant hills and dales to Cressbrook, where Tim’s family have a house and business – Cressbrook Hall.

Hike and bike trails span out from the front door so we duly hopped onto bikes to go into Bakewell along the the Monsal Trail, an old railway line, for the eponymous tart and some middle-aged cuppas.

Bakewell tart shop. Not to be confused with the Bakewell pudding, treacley badness.

Tart – good.

Pudding – bad.

Cressbrook valley and the Mosal Trail viaduct

“They were worryin’ my sheep”

Chilled to the bone in the icy but invigorating drizzle, there was only one way to warm up – to the pub for open fires and lamb hotpot.

Race you

I’ve spent this fortnight in the UK eating, drinking and bemoaning my hurting foot stopping me from exercising more. It’s not broken and it hasn’t stopped me; I’m just lazy. I’m piling on the kilos with eat successive mouthful of cheese. It’s time to head to Russia where I hope that a diet of cabbage soup and perhaps a side of amoebic dysentery will get things back under control.

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4 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Fat Tim says:

    Bakewell pudding – It’s an almond jelly nothing to do with treacle and you didn’t even try it, I declare you a Puddist!

  2. lauralovesit says:

    Gross. Not interested. ;)

  3. Jim Davies says:

    I have to disagree with your bakewell pudding/ tart comments, both are good but pudding rules as the original British classic! Mr Kipling chose badly!!

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