Hey little sister, what have you done?

Sar’s indulgent two-part wedding is done and dusted, the hangovers are beginning to ease and things are getting back to normal. Normal for me being stuffing clothes into a rucksack and preparing to skip the country. Behold! This is how it happened.

Hong Kong

Let’s start with a couple of sneak snaps of the Hong Kong chapter:

Not-so-little sister

Signing her over

Bouquet. No throwing, alas.

Bex sheltering from the torrential rain.

Cue big fat dinner at Alain Ducasse’s Spoon restaurant and lashings of champagne. Couple depart on Filipino honeymoon; attendees steadily disperse.


Despite the rain and the car break-down, the day’s celebrations at Packington Moor went without a hitch. Photos will tell a more comprehensive story than I can. What’s more, the gossip and misbehaviour is still filtering through.

Preparations. Excitement building.

Big Len and Sar departing for the partay

Bride and glory

Introducing the newest Mr and Mrs Ashcroft

Sar’s personally assembled, sea-themed table decorations. Bravo!

Ma’s impressive wedding cake effort. I’d photoshop out the fire alarm switch if I had the foggiest where to begin.

Nothing says ‘happily married’ like a lobster cake topper

How about *that* for a waistcoat. Hats off to Steve!

Awarded dedication prize for flying in from Maine for the weekend. Nice one Thomas.

Mum and the bambinos on the dancefloor.

And then it began to deteriorate….

Uh oh.

Grandma on the floor

Rich having a great time. Zach, less so.

Good moves

Et cetera. Big fat congratulations to the happy couple.

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