Train crush

Have y’all seen the proposals for a 120 mile tunnel under the Bering Strait linking America to Russia? Not cheap at $60 billion but could well be a cheaper way of moving freight and carry 3% of the world’s cargo and make $7 billion a year, according to this article. The Russians seem to be the driving force but are trying to get the Yanks to pitch in for it too. Understandably with that whopper of a bill. Perhaps the Chunnel could flog them some diggers?


More importantly, wouldn’t it be the best train journey in the world ever?? Have a look at the map on this website to show you just a few potential stops. I believe that train travel is the princeliest of all modes of transport. Surely they’d lay on some passenger carriages…? Vodka and noodles all the way from Oslo to San Fran. Yippee! It’s at least 10 years in the making though so I’ll have to add it to the bucket list and look elsewhere for short-term adventure fixes.

This is how the mega train journey looks in my head.

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