Fruits of Colombia

Colombia has a smorgasbord of fruity delight. I kept telling people that theirs were the best fruits in the world. Something about the rainy but warm climate and proximity to the Amazon I think has blessed the country with a massive selection of delicious fruit. These are my favourites:

Granadilla, a fruit from the passion flower family and scrummy. The shell is brittle so you crack it around the top in a circle, a little like a boiled egg, take the top off and suck out the juicy, jelly covered pips inside. For those used only to Tesco's fruit counter (like me until recently!), imagine the flesh of a passion fruit. But sweeter and better.

It may *look* like a yellow Dragon Fruit, but this is a pitaya and I think superior. Google seems to think that the Americas exported them to the world initially but I'm not a botanist and wouldn't like to say for sure. To me, the dragon fruit is tasteless and this is sublime. Cut off the top and bottom, score down one side, take the skin off and chop up the manna within.


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