Fascinating Facts: Part 2

– The wealth disparity between North and South Korea at the moment is estimated to be four times as great as the disparity between East and West Germany when the Berlin Wall came down.

– The Gobi Desert copper and gold mine is expected to account for one-third of Mongolia’s total economic output by 2020. The copper deposit discovered there is said to be one of the three largest in the world and it is supposed to sit on around 6 billion tons of coal. Not bad with China and the world’s largest steel industry as a neighbour.

– Chupa Chups were invented in Spain in 1958. The name loosely translates to Sucky Suck.

– The hookworm parasite can cure chronic asthma but deliberate infection is considered ‘unethical’ by medical professionals.


One thought on “Fascinating Facts: Part 2

  1. Hannah says:

    Fun game – add a ‘hidden’ false fact and see whether anyone can guess which one.

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