Ain’t no shit like free (or really cheap) shit

…as a journo compatriot once said to me at aUAE press conference, the land where they used to give away iPods and laptops. <Sigh.> Those were the days.

My favourite cheapskate sites of the moment:

Pay £18 and have access to a moderately good database of people offering free board and lodging in exchange for graft. Really, it’s how those shite gap-year projects should operate. Found out about it from a German guy that I met in Wadi Rum, Jordan, just hanging out in the desert watering flowers. 

Ok. I’m not a pioneer here by any stretch but I had avoided the couch surfing thang cos of it striking me as a portal for freaks and weirdos. That is until recently when I was talked around by a fanatical friend who ‘surfed’ all the way across to Mongolia and China. Tried it in Perpignan for the first time and it’s ace. Cheap as chips and a wondrous way to meet the locals and get straight under the skin of a city. Get to it. 

There are planes, there are trains, there are automobiles: There are bikes, there are buses, there are your two good feet. But sometimes you just want to jump a ride. Enter co-voit or, its British counterpart, blablacar. Find someone with a spare seat going your way, bung them some petrol bunce et voila. Sorta like hitching but without the standing at the roadside for hours on end. Rape/murder risk probably slightly diminished too. 

2 thoughts on “Ain’t no shit like free (or really cheap) shit

  1. what’s a trip without the joy of rape/murder potential?

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