Horror of a night’s sleep last night on account of two dudes in the dorm Dolby-Surround snoring, one infinitely worse than the other.

And when I say snoring, I mean the man sounded like a rock fall; like a bear ripping through a marquee; just a snore amplification cavity and fat to boot (as they so often are, but don’t get me started on that). Both pillow and duvet over my head did nothing to dull the sound. At 3.30am, after three and a half hours listening, I wanted him to choke to death. The girl in the next bed was also awake, unable even to drown him out with an iPod and declared she’d never heard anything like it. I was hoping one would hit the wrong resonant note and shatter like a crystal glass at the opera. Would anyone miss him, I wondered? Could I smother him?

Almost certainly quieter

Stay still...

What is the etiquette? Can you wake a snorer this bad? Are knowing snorers obliged to get private room? Should hostels provide snorer dorms so they can all disturb each other?

Answers on a postcard.


5 thoughts on “Snorers

  1. This is my worst (waking) nightmare. It’s the worst sound on earth.
    I would wake him up. Definitely. Mind you, this has never had any effect in my experience, they usually apologise (at best), turn over and fall instantly back to sleep.
    Why are snorers also borderline narcoleptics?

    • lauralovesit says:

      I woke him up once, but what’s the limit? How many times do you have to tell them ‘mate, that’s an unholy fucking racket’? How polite do the affected have to be?

      It’s a minefield, Cee.

      Definite deal breaker too.

  2. Becci Collacott says:

    I say completely acceptable to shake them or the bunk until they awake and stop snoring. For repeated offenders, poke in side with a finger and tell them to shut it…or move. :)

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