Cos you’re all nosy and keep asking…

– How long are you travelling for?

Til I get bored, pregnant or the money runs out.

– Where is the money coming from?

Contrary to popular speculation, I am not on the game, a spy or a drugs mule. I have a small stash of dinero from when I was in the oil lands, aided and abetted by no tax and generous rental rates (cheers Berk and DP!). I do a little bit of work here and there for pocket money along the way. 

Plus, to all those coupled up and be-familied, I am on my lonesome which means my cash is mine, all mine. No requirement to spend it on anniversary presents, romantic weekends, apology flowers or school uniforms. Unlucky punks. 

– Do you ever get scared travelling on your own?

No. Got a bit more street sense now so it’s fairly easy to flag stupid situations. As a single, white female lots of friendly, generous people are always keen to see you right – almost enough to restore your faith in humankind. Course, there are the freaks too but they follow me everywhere.

– Is this Eat, Pray, Love?



2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Becci Collacott says:


    Other Qs:
    – Do you perpetually smell?
    – Do you have footrot?
    – Do you feel guilty about your carbon footprint?


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